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About me

Colin Allen

For my 21st birthday, my father (a keen photographer in his youth) gave me a 35mm compact film camera. On getting my first roll of film back from the chemist, I was hooked. I hadn't realised the quality achievable, even back then, compared with the small format instamatic cameras I had only ever used on holidays.


Since that time I have worked my way through cameras, courses, books and magazines, on a continuing quest to produce satisfying images, both for me and my sitters.

Sometimes it's just me and the landscape, or cityscape. Those ones I guess are really for me ... or anyone else who might be interested.


The photographer who says "I've done it all ... I've cracked it" probably isn't even half way there. The more I get into this wonderful media art form, the more I realise how much more there is to get out of it.




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Oil painting by Linda Zeff

(sculptor and painter)




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