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Gina Child

Where?    The London Tattoo Convention - Tobacco Dock

When?      29 September 2018


Gina is a 24 year old lighting designer from Watford in Hertfordshire. Getting her first tattoo on her 18th birthday she now has nine. One of these, on her back, is spectacular and is still a work in progress. Understandably we were only able to photograph part of it here, but nonetheless the amazing colours are clear to see. Gina told me it has taken four months so far with fortnightly visits to Frith Street Tattoo in London. She only uses the same tattooist, Jordan Baxter, and is currently waiting for him to return from overseas to carry on with the project. Maybe if I meet her again this time next year, the tattoo will be finished. However, Gina has plans, and room, for many more tattoos. Watch this space! Thanks Gina for taking the time for a few photos.


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