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Where?    London Letterheads Signwriters' Meet - Bargehouse, Oxo Tower, London

When?     18 August 2018


Tozer is a self-employed signwriter living in Bristol. See her website below. Aged 18, at the end of a holiday in Amsterdam and with some money left over, she thought it wold be a good idea to get a small tattoo of a cat! It didn't turn out as she imagined, but she has always kept it as a reminder of her first one. Then when deciding to move to Bristol, leaving her sister behind, they both got matching tattoos of a knife. This then developed into Tozer building a half sleeve of weapons. She finds them interesting aesthetically, but hastens to point out she is not a violent person. As well as these she has 19 other tattoos. But there are definitely more to come. She describes the whole experience as "therapeutic and indulgent".

Thanks Tozer for the words and photos.

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