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Marisa Hawkins & Anthony Kirk

Marisa (21) and Anthony (27) made the long journey down from their home town of Grimsby to this London tattoo show to follow their passion for tattoos and all things different! In Marisa's case there was the added opportunity to take inspiration from the great tattoo artists on show, as it is her ambition to become a tattoo artist herself and hopefully gain an apprentishship in a studio soon. At a quick count Marisa reckons she has over 14 tattoos and Anthony at least 11 (although this is based on visits rather than images, as his fabulous arm sleeve took a few sessions). Marisa says she prefers "traditional" tattoos such as a "Love Kills" motif within a heart shaped rope noose. Her left arm sports her first tattoo, a large night owl, inspired by her continuing insomnia! A rather dramatic large single word "Faith" on her forehead is not based on religion, she tells me ... but rather on her faith in herself. This clearly came across in this confident and ambitious young lady. I hope she fulfills her dreams and makes it in the world of body art. A lovely couple - thank you both for your time in joining the project.

Where?    Great British Tattoo Convention,                              Alexandra Palace, London

When?     28 May 2016

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