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Joshua Kane - Designer

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The shears and the mannequin ..

... Joshua's first two tattoos

Joshua is the founder and owner of bespoke tailoring store Blood Sweat & Shears, set in trendy Spitalfields in London.

As the photos show, Joshua has created his own unique look and style. He tells me he got his first tattoo at the age of 20, the iconic shears symbol on his right inner forearm. The classic mannequin soon followed on his opposite arm.

Then followed a series of tattoos all related to his growing business ... "all chapters in the same story" was how he put it. Also hidden in amongst the beautiful imagery are a "couple of old girlfriends" ... and Joshua is happy for them to remain there ... just part of his life story. The wonderful images of gentlemen from the past, on his right arm, can also be seen on a stunning jacket design, featured below.

Thanks Joshua for your contribution to this project.



Where?    Joshua's store, Spitalfields, London

When?     12 March 2016

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