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Viv and Andy Miles

Where?    The London Tattoo Convention - Tobacco Dock

When?      25 September 2016

Viv was sitting with her back to me when I first spotted her at the show. With her stunning back tattoo on display it was hard not to ask her to pose for some shots. She was happy to oblige, also revealing some other great tattoos hidden away. She told me the back tattoo was done over 3 days at this same convention a year ago. And I'm sure the cost hurt a lot more than the needles! She is 31 and didn't get her first tattoo till 24. Currently with 6 tattoos, she intends to add more. They carry no specific meaning to her. She just loves the art and beauty of Japan, to which she has travelled a few times. With images inspired by Anime, she wants to collect as many styles as possible. Viv lives with husband Andy in Walthamstow, North London. Andy kindly joined us for a few shots as can be seen here. Thanks to both of them for participating.

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