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Dan Cox

Where?    Dan's home, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

When?     14 November 2015

Dan Cox is 27 and got his first tattoo at 18 ... a dragon image to mark the Chinese year of the dragon, his birth year. This is one of only two of his tattoos to include colour. A big fan of motorbikes and all things mechanical, Dan sports a set of gear cogs which he describes as his biomechanical design, which he plans to build on.

He has lost count of exactly how many tattoos he has had, but so far it is in excess of 30.

Some years ago Dan broke his wrist bones in a cycling accident which resulted in him having titanium plates permanently inserted. His "Titanium" tattoo now marks the spot!

From a young age Dan has had an interest in greek mythology and his Hermes chest image bears testimony to this.

Once considering becoming a vet, he has a love of animals and these also feature among his images.

Thanks Dan for participating in the project.


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